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Welcome to my world!



My name is Chloé, I am a French artist, based near Hossegor, France. I live in a little cottage located in between the forest and the ocean, that inspires me every day. With my boyfriend, we try to travel as much as we can to explore the beauty of our planet.


I see my paintings as reflections of the way I see the world. I love to observe everything with my child's eyes and to express what I feel in the most vibrant and authentic way with my brushes. 


My heart and my art are deeply inspired by the natural elements, by aboriginal art, by my grand-mothers heritages (the art of mandalas and the tradition of sewing), and of course, by my travels. This wise range of inspirations is my way to connect things, to remember how strongly I can feel that we are all connected.


As you might notice, I also love working with the circle form, it reminds me of the cycle of life in many dimensions. No corner, no end, just a space to let our imagination flow.


The more my art and my personal explorations evolve, the more I feel the need to bring nature into my work. I have recently been making art pieces with wood branches and making my own paint out of natural earth pigment that I find from my travels or from places where I lived. I love



I wish you a beautiful escape into my virtual world, 


With love



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