Peintures murales

Banc "Jungle", Bali, 2020


Lorsque j'ai visité cet endroit pour la première fois, j'ai été émerveillée par l'architecture et l'atmosphère si  cool et chaleureuse qui émanait de cet endroit.

Je ne savais pas encore que ce serait mon terrain de jeu artistique pour les prochaines semaines ...

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Banc "Sous l'océan", Bali, 2020

This is my first mural painting. Thomas, the owner really enjoyed my work and asked me to paint something for his restaurant. Of course, I said yes! But when the D-day arrived, I felt very anxious, my hands were trembling, I almost wanted to cancel everything!

But, when I drew my first line on the wall, suddenly everything seemed easy to me, like if I had done this many times before. A strong feeling I will never forget.

Familly Connexion, Chartres, 2020


This mandala has been created for a family who lives in the mountains. They both work every day outside during winter. When they come back home every evening, they need to recharge their energies and to connect with their inner worlds.

This mandala is situated in the entrance of their house, symbolizing the transition between the outdoor and their universe within. 

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